Jul 16, 2009


Zoe had a sleepover with her best-est cousin Kaylissa the other night. They had lots of fun fighting over who would sleep where, and who was being meaner to whom until the wee wee hours, but the next morning all was well. Sleepy, but otherwise happy to play together.

I decided to take the kids to the park (mostly I needed a HUGE diet coke from a major lack of sleep the night before) where they played happily for a solid couple of hours. I heard them pretending with each other as they played, and most of it was the usual five year old girlie princess stuff, accented by Liams insistence that he was a horse. So cute! Kaylissa is already a little boy crazy; every boy she saw, she would insist that the boy was their boyfriend. (not just hers, mind you, but theirs, both of them - I had to laugh)

Anyway, on the way home, we stopped by Brian's work to say hi for a minute, and as we were leaving there was a man sitting on the grass... Kaylissa got excited "That guy is our boyfriend." Zoe, in her most disgusted tone replied "No, he's gross." (he was.) I giggled, and interrupted with some of my usual sarcasm, "Well, aren't we selective!" Zoe looked right at Kaylissa and said "Yeah, Kaylissa, I'm- (insert sexy shoulder shimmy) selective." I nearly wrecked the car trying not to laugh out loud!

PS - Katie, if you are reading this - where the crap is Kaylissa getting this boyfriend stuff? It's hilarious!


Jen said...

Yay! Good to read a blog from you! Let's hope she continues to be "selective" huh!?

Tiffany Robinson said...

All it takes is friends before they find out about everything. Teach her now what you want her to know and do so she doesn't have boyfriend frenzy as she get's older. YEAH A POST!!!

Ginger said...

Haha!!!! That is so funny! It's funny how early on they learn about "boyfriends." Let's just hope we can raise them right so they really are "selective" when it comes to a guy right?!