May 13, 2009

Best Buds

So I was sitting at the computer, sorting spam out of my inbox. The boys were finally napping, and Zoe was behind me building a lego tower, patiently waiting for me to get her some lunch.

She picked up the tower and brought it around to show me how tall it was (all the way up to her earlobe!!). As she carried it away, the bottom half broke off, and she exclaimed "Way to go, Jesus!"

Needless to say, I was appalled. We do more than our fair share of cursing around here, but this isn't one she is likely to have heard, well, anywhere she has ever been. I gasped, then inquired as calmly as possible. "What did you say?"

She laughed! Then explained; "Well, we were trying to carry the tower without breaking it, and Jesus just broke the bottom right off!"

"Um... Oh."

Well, I'd have thought he'd be better at legos than that, but apparently not.


Jen said...

Ahhaaaahaaaha!!! Playing legos with Jesus - That is a classic - I love it! Helps a child really bring home the phrase "what would Jesus do" huh? haha!

Laurel said...

bahahaha! That is the funniest!

Ginger said...

That is hilarious!!!!!!