Apr 24, 2009

green teeth?

Scene: We are sitting around the table, just finishing up dinner.
Brian: "I'm so tired, I had a Green Tea Sobe and it gave me a major buzz, and now I'm totally drooping."
Zoe: "Did your teeth ever go back to white?"
Brian: "Uh... I guess they are kinda yellow, huh?"
Me: Laughing... "She thought you said you had green teeth!"
Zoe: Laughing...Rolling eyeballs... "Dad! You were trying to trick me! You don't have green teeth!"


Jen said...

Your little Zoe just kills me! . . . green "tea-th." Too funny!

Steve & Amy Shumway said...

oh my gosh, I wish I could live at your house for all these precious moments! Miss you guys