Apr 15, 2009


Saturday we decided to go to the art museum and get take pictures of the kids,in honor of Finn being six months old now! (If you can believe it... I can't.) Getting my kids to all sit still at the same time is definitely better left to the professionals; but, we did get a few cute snapshots, and had some fun wandering around looking at all the paintings and sculptures.

Then we headed over to Brians' Parents house for the annual easter egg hunt.

Besides the hunt, Brians' mom always comes up with fun little games and activities for the kids. She is so creative!

This year they played easter bingo, had a bean bag toss (complete with prizes for the "winner(s)") then made puddle jumpers out of empty food storage cans! They LOVED it! Especially Zoe, she thinks walking on cans is the coolest thing in the world, and asked me why I never told her about it before!

The kids love to go to "grandma and grandpa oggies" to spend time with their cousins too. Grandpa barbecued some hot dogs and hamburgers for us too, so we ate a yummy lunch, and hung out way longer than we should have. Liam was long past the point of needing his nap by the time we got home!
Since Liam had such a late nap, and we didn't want to continue the trend at bedtime, we needed some serious playtime to wear him out. (Stupid rain!!) So, we headed for McDonalds. Lena and Allie and Lydia and Laurel and eventually Jessica, came over later and we played cards till the wee hours... Then, woke up to check out what the easter bunny brought the kids!
Zoe and Liam each got a little notebook in their easter baskets, and Zoe calls hers a diary. She came up to Brian Sunday afternoon and said "Dad, I cant find my diarrhea, have you seen it?" Funny kid.

My parents took the sisters still living at home, and took off to Arizona for the weekend, so instead of the usual Sunday dinner at moms, we had a "big kids" dinner at my house. It was fun to have all my siblings over (well, most- the adult ones anyway), but my house is way squishy with that many bodies in it! My house was built in 1943, and for that time, it was an average sized house. Now, though, its definitely considered teeny tiny. Makes me think about my Dad's parents house; it is even smaller than mine, and they raised 8 kids in it! I am for sure not having eight kids crammed into this house - my limit is four- and even then, I dont know how people did it! We had fun though, we like each-other, so squishy was okay for a few hours. I was sad when everyone left, that meant the weekend was officially over!


Ginger said...

Such cute pics!

Jen said...

Looks like a fun Easter weekend. I misse your last post somehow - my little pony s&m - too funny! Good luck with your new job!