Mar 11, 2009

This is how it works... peer inside yourself
you take the things you like
then try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
and stick into into some-
someone else's heart pumping someone else's blood
And walking arm in arm you hope it wont get hard
but even if it does, you'll just do it all again...

We love this song at my house. Its been stuck in my head for days. The kids love how it says "uh-oh" Haha... I'm loving all of Regina Spektor lately. She's been our cleaning music. If I turn it up, the kids will "help" clean up the house. Liam wanders from room to room singing "uh-oh!" because that's his job. Oh! Speaking of cleaning- I have to put in some pictures of the little worlds I find when I'm cleaning... always crack me up. Last time around I took a couple shots before I undid the mess and sent it back down to the toy room.
Pony S&M??

And rush hour in toddler town.

I started a part time job a couple weeks ago, so this blog has been neglected a little lately. It sucks to have to leave my kiddies behind, but its only a couple days a week, and I'm hoping the extra money will ease the stress a little. I'm trading one stress for another I guess. Zoe will start Kindergarten this fall, so the plan is to quit the job before that happens so I wont have to have anyone take her to school. Thank goodness for my friends being willing to watch my kids on the weekdays when I have to work. Most of the time I work on Saturdays and Sundays though, and Brian "watches" them. They love being home with dad for a change. He does a great job with them, and it makes for some great bonding time. That doesn't stop me from being bitter about leaving them all day though. I'm glad to be able to work during the day instead of nights, even if it is every weekend.

Baby Finn has started eating rice cereal. He LOVES it! He eats it better than Liam ever did. Of course, Liam wanted people food almost from the second he popped out, so that's not much of a comparison. He's also getting teeth (still). They seem to be going up and down without breaking through his gums. So they just cause him all kinds of pain! Poor baby Finny-din-din.

Zoe came home from pre-school yesterday and told me that dinosoars are cold blooded, and extinct. And they are lizards, and have a back-bone. She was so funny! I was holding in giggles the whole time she was reciting her dinosoar facts! She held up one hand and checked off a finger for each dinosoar fact, and was very serious about the whole thing. This is why I am glad I sent her to pre-school after all - they are teaching her all the things that I would never consider. Not that its all that important for a five year old to know useless trivia about dinosoars, but it's fun that she feels smart because she knows useless trivia about dinosoars. Oh, and a darling song about them too! I love it!

Liam is finally talking. YAY! It's still kind of garbled a lot of the time, but at least he's trying, which is major for him. He's so funny, he says "No WAY! Mama!" when I tease him. And he tells me when he's hungry, and what he wants to eat, instead of screaming his brains out while pulling me toward the kitchen. He's pretending a lot more too, not just cars and horses anymore; now he gets Zoe's purses, and fills them with random things, and comes in to kiss me bye-bye before "leaving" on a little trip. When I ask him where he's going he says "uhh-no-no..." (I don't know) and gets shy and ducks his head. His pretend games are more private than Zoes. He doesn't share his imaginary world too much, which is nice for me because he doesn't need me to be the prince or evil step-mother. But, it would be fun to know what he's playing without spying on him!


Lena B. said...

OK - so I really was worried that you were never going to blog again because you started your job - so what i'm gonna need you to do is continue this throughout the summer so I don't feel completely detached from the home world - and your kids are freakin cute - remember last weekend when i hung out with liam in his room for like half an hour? Did I tell you what he did the whole time? He set up his "eee" fence and then made me open and close the gate so he could come in and out, of course I got some horsie loves out of the deal, but for real - opening and closing for half an hour.. I have never been so entertained by such redundancy..

Jen said...

I don't know how I missed this post - my little pony s&m - too funny!
Good luck with the new job.