Mar 5, 2009

Oh my Zoe!

She makes me laugh so much. We were at my mom's last night, and my mom pulled out a roll of frozen sugar cookie dough, and was letting the kids help her cut slices and put them on the cookie sheet.
Zoe said "Can I eat some of this, or does it have raw eggs in it?" My mom told her it has frozen eggs in it, and it was safe to eat. I said "WHAT?!!? How do you figure?!" Zoe looked at my mom and said "I'm not gonna eat it, because my Mom and Dad taught me better than that."
My poor Mom. I was proud of Zoe though. That was pretty brave of her to say.
I told Brian later, if Zoe ever decides to do something she knows she shouldn't we can pretty much rule out peer pressure as an excuse. Also, my mom is probably going to get salmonella one of these days. Frozen eggs are ok to eat? She must be delusional!


Lena B. said...

Oh my gosh.. that is so freakin cute.. and i like your new background! so cute.. see ya tomorrow!

Ginger said...

Yuck! Yeah, who eats that stuff? Good thing you taught her well!